Paper Police Car Handouts

These handouts feature a police car designed to closely resemble the
cars in use by your agency.  Detailing is recreated as accurately as
possible.  Children then cut out the car and following easy
instructions assemble the 3 dimensional car and light bar.  This
handout is a fun activity which encourages children to exercise their
small motor skills.

Currently the base design for this car is similar to the widely used
Ford Interceptor series. Other vehicle makes and models can be
created upon request.

We require high quality pictures of your vehicle from all sides and
dead on close up pictures of one of your license plates and any
symbols that may be on your vehicle.

Other Paper Emergency Service Vehicles are currently in the design
process.  Check back soon to check for additional products.
Cost per
Best Value!
Initial Set-up Fee
This only applies to new orders and redesigns,
Re-orders of a previous design do not incur this
fee. Small alterations to a previous design may
incur a smaller fee, please contact us for more info.
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